Почтовая коробка
Почтовая коробка

HI, i am Oleg Beketov.

I make a cooler bags, boxes of EPS(Expanded Polystyrene Foam).

They can be of different sizes:3L,6L,8L, 10L,13L,20L,30L,40L,77L or other. 

My product I do myself, so it's quality.

Cooler bags "t°box"

useful for a picnic, useful gift.

He is light, collapsible.They are strong and keep their size and coolness. 

Boxes of EPS(Expanded Polystyrene Foam) «t°box» is well suited for convenient for loading, reusable,easily repaired.They are strong and keep their size.  

O.Beketov - Idea, engineer, designer, locksmith, seamstress, tester.

With respect, Oleg Beketov.

Почтовая коробка